Sport and Recreation Strategy nears completion

Thursday, 11 April 2019 

A strategy to guide the management and development of the City of Bunbury’s sporting grounds and associated facilities will be completed this financial year. 

The City of Bunbury Sport and Recreation Strategy (draft) has been developed following extensive consultation with relevant stakeholder groups and will be presented to Council at the end of April. 

In 2018 the City met with stakeholders and a total of 42 user groups to gather feedback on the City’s sporting grounds and sporting facilities while the community was invited to have its say using the city’s engagement portal Social Pinpoint. 

The Department of Sport and Recreation, WA Country Health South West and neighbouring Local Government Authorities have also been heavily involved in the process. 

The strategy will be focussed on the current and future needs in relation to facility provision, sportsground usage and future development requirements for the next 10 to 20 years in line with the Federal Governments Sport 2030 Strategy and State Government strategic planning for physical activity, sport and recreation. 

It will also address all of the City’s sporting facilities including the South West Sports Centre. 

Once the draft strategy has been presented to Council it will be available for public comment.

This will give interested sporting user groups another opportunity to provide final comment prior to the finalisation of the Strategy which will then be used as a guiding document for future budget and long term financial planning.