Environmental Management


Sustainability and the Natural Environment


Transitioning towards sustainability and the conservation and appropriate management of the local natural environment are priorities for the City, as reflected in its Strategic Community Plan and Local Planning Strategy.


The City undertakes a range of initiatives in pursuit of these objectives.  Some key examples of these include:

·       Environmental education – the City seeks to foster positive behaviour change both within the organisation and in the community towards a range of environmental and sustainability issues.  Examples of these initiatives include the Habitat Bunbury program and Community Environmental Reference Group.

·       Natural area planning – the City seeks to support the protection and management of local natural areas through strategic planning, management planning, advocacy and ecological assessments.  An example of these initiatives is the City’s Reserve Management Planning program 

·       Natural area management – the City seeks to undertake targeted, efficient and evidence-based on-ground works in seeking to support the conservation of local natural areas and environmental values, address the City’s statutory environmental offset requirements and support the City’s network of friends group and volunteers.  Examples of these initiatives include the City’s Community Conservation Network, environmental offset sites and weed management program.

·       Environmental planning and impact assessment – the City seeks to ensure that its programs and services are compliant with environmental law.  This is highlighted by the City’s existing state and federal environmental approvals.

·       Contaminated sites – the City seeks to appropriately investigate and manage its suspected and known contaminated sites and minimise the risks that they pose to the community and natural environment, in accordance with state government requirements

·       Climate change adaptation – the City seeks to support the community to adapt to projected future climate change impacts through research and evidence-based initiatives.  An example of these initiatives is the City’s ongoing participation in the Peron NaturalistePartnership.

·       Climate change mitigation – the City seeks to investigate and minimise its greenhouse gas emissions and ensure compliance with associated legislation

·       Urban animal pest management – the City seeks to reduce the impact of pest animals on the City’s assets, community and the environment, in accordance with its statutory responsibilities.  An example of these initiatives is the City’s Introduced Corella ManagementProgram.

·       Sustainability – the City seeks to improve its corporate environmental performance through fostering a reduction in its consumption of resources and production of wastes.


For more information on these initiatives, please contact the City on 9792 7000 or email records@bunbury.wa.gov.au​