City begins management of introduced corellas

Friday, 27 April 2018

In response to the ongoing issues caused by the introduced corellas and the impact they are having on the local community, businesses and City infrastructure, Bunbury City Council decided on 3 April to endorse a number of strategies to manage the category 3 declared pest.

One of these measures was for the CEO to seek a permit on behalf of the City of Bunbury from the State Government for the culling of 400 introduced corellas in years 2018/19 and a further 400 for the year 2019/20.

The CEO recently applied for a permit through the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) for an annual permit to cull 1000 birds.

City officers have also advertised for contractors to undertake the professional and humane control of the Corellas for the remainder of the 2017/18 year and will do so again for 2018/19.

It is expected the City will award the contract in mid-May and culling will begin shortly thereafter.

After 12 months a report will be prepared by the contractor on the outcomes of culling initiatives undertaken up to 30 June 2019 in order to support Council decision-making regarding future funding considerations.

In the interim the City has installed two bird scaring kites in the CBD designed to deter introduced Corellas away from damaging key City infrastructure and assets. The kites will be monitored and moved frequently to ensure the birds do not become desensitised to it.

City officers are also in the process of investigating other methods of dispersal such as audio scarers to protect City infrastructure.

These will be installed following the preparation of a noise management plan as well as engaging with significant stakeholders.

Community members can assist with the issue by refraining from feeding the introduced corellas and by taking a responsible approach to domestic corella keeping (i.e. ensuring that the birds do not escape to the wild).

Information, enquiries or complaints related to this issue can be lodged via email to

For further updates please visit the City’s website and search ‘corellas’ or like the City’s Facebook page