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Withers Renewal Program

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Published 18 May 2023, updated 11 June 2024

The Withers and wider Bunbury community have, for many years, expressed a strong desire for improved housing, facilities and investment in the suburb.

Project timeline

Stakeholder Workshop 1
Stakeholder Workshop 2
Stakeholder Workshop 3
John Banks Memorial Dog Park
Landscape works complete

The State Government owns numerous properties within Withers and has committed to improve and develop these assets with a view to revitalisation.

In partnership with the City of Bunbury a Structure Plan aimed at facilitating long term renewal and revitalisation has been developed.

This plan can be viewed and is aimed at providing for the:

  • Redevelopment of underutilised government owned land
  • Minimization of planning obstacles to redevelopment by public and private landowners
  • Improvement of internal and external connectivity for pedestrians and vehicles
  • Consolidation and improvement of public open space to create a safe and attractive network of paths and parks
  • Exploration of a community focal point in the form of a civic/community hub
  • Increase of residential density
  • Development of criteria for new developments to improve safety
  • Encouragement of appropriate and diverse quality housing

Withers Placemaking Project

To complement the infrastructure aspects of the Structure Plan, the Withers Placemaking Project is aimed at activating places identified by key stakeholder groups within Withers to enhance the sense of place for our residents who live in Withers.

The Placemaking Project is about community led place activation that aligns with current, evolving and shifting community expectations and needs.

The Placemaking Project has been funded by the South West Development Commission, led by the City’s Community Connection Department in partnership with the Department for Communities and Creating Communities.

Please refer to the below documents for the latest community update and project FAQs.

Withers Stakeholder Workshops