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Published 10 January 2024, updated 11 January 2024

City of Bunbury will be redeveloping the popular Frank Buswell Foreshore. This significant project will include upgrading the seawall, drainage works, upgrading the footpath to a shared path and revitilisation of the open space and playground.

Project timeline

Site works begin - construction fencing installation

The popular Frank Buswell foreshore is set to undergo a transformation with a raft of upgrades happening over the next 12 months and beyond.

Located in East Bunbury along the banks of the Leschenault Inlet the foreshore improvements will include an upgrade of the marine wall, drainage works, a brand-new shared path as well as a new playground and landscaping.

Renewal works to the 315m section of marine wall begin Monday 15 January with the area being fenced off for construction. Works will continue until September with the current pathway inaccessible for the duration of the works.

Please note a temporary detour will be in place allowing for pedestrians and cyclists to continue to their way around the inlet. The playground will still be accessible during this first stage.

Drainage works will also be happening during marine wall construction.

Installation of the new shared red asphalt path will begin in May and will replace the current concrete path. This will improve safety and connectivity for all users. This exciting part of the foreshore redevelopment has been made possible thanks to the State Government’s WA Bicycle Network Grant and matching contributions from the City of Bunbury.

The path is expected to be completed by the end of September.

Beautifying works and landscaping will begin next financial year and will include a new playground for the community to enjoy.

We will be consulting with the local community and playground users on selection of playground equipment so please watch this space!

City of Bunbury apologises for any inconvenience these works may cause and look forward to seeing the results of the new and improved Frank Buswell foreshore.