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Koombana Foreshore is one of Bunbury's popular parks and playgrounds.

Did you know the City has a plan that aims to increase community access to parks and playgrounds within neighbourhoods? 

The City’s Parks and Playgrounds Action Plan 2023-2033 provides a 10-year strategic framework for the provision, design and management of the City’s recreation parks and playgrounds. 

The vision of the plan is to provide a diverse range of quality parks and playgrounds that meet the recreational, environmental, social, cultural and health needs of our community. 

Currently, about 78 per cent of residents have access to a playground within 400m of their home while 98.3 per cent are within 800m. 

Under the plan, this will increase to 83 per cent and 98.65 per cent respectively – meaning it will be easier than ever for our community to get out and play at their local park! 

We know that our beautiful city has a diverse and growing community, and limited green space to create new parks. So, it’s important we ensure our existing playgrounds meet the contemporary needs of our community. 

Sykes playground is another one of Bunbury's parks and playgrounds.

The plan – which will be reviewed and updated annually in line with compliance and safety checks – identifies a hierarchy for the City’s 87 recreation parks and outlines a 10-year playground replacement program for a proposed network of 43 playgrounds

The hierarchy system has five classifications including local, neighbourhood, district, regional and special purpose parks. 

As part of the development of this plan, an analysis of playgrounds was undertaken and subsequently 37 playgrounds will be retained, and two new local playgrounds will be developed at St Marks Park in East Bunbury and Wattle Park in Bunbury. 

Four playgrounds will be relocated at the end of their asset life with Coverley Park relocating to Horseshoe Lake, Elizabeth Park to Hands Oval, Ken Cantwell Park to Morrissey Lake and Rocky Point closer to the City of Bunbury Surf Life Saving Club. 

Three playgrounds have been assessed as surplus to community need given their close proximity to other playgrounds along with safety considerations and will be removed at the end of their asset life, including Gidgee Park in Glen Iris and Les Wilson and Mason parks in Withers. 

It is important to remember, these actions will increase the city’s playground hierarchy, therefore increasing our playground provision and community accessibility. 

An engagement process was undertaken by the City to help inform the plan with space, equipment, shade trees and aesthetics identified as our community’s most valued elements of parks. 

This plan does not include sporting or nature spaces. 

List of Parks in the City of Bunbury

  • Bonnefoi Park, Bunbury

    Forster Reserve, Bunbury

    Garvey Park, Bunbury

    Guppy Park, Bunbury

    Ron Mort Park, Bunbury

    Wattle Park, Bunbury

    Honey Park, Carey Park

    Len Ferguson Park, Carey Park

    Loughton Park, Carey Park

    Melaleuca Park, Carey Park

    Rotaract Park, Carey Park

    Sams Park, Carey Park

    Underwood Park, Carey Park

    Possum Park, College Grove

    St Peters Park, College Grove

    Lakeside Reserve, College Grove

    Peppermint Park, College Grove

    Brockman Park, East Bunbury

    Coverley Park, East Bunbury

    Eric King Park, East Bunbury

    Lewin Reserve, East Bunbury

    Pennant Park, East Bunbury

    St Marks Park, East Bunbury

    Tim Shaw Park, East Bunbury

    Catalpa Park, Glen Iris

    Fenian Park, Glen Iris

    Gidgee Park, Glen Iris

    Ken Cantwell Park, Glen Iris

    Morrisey Lake Park, Glen Iris

    Riverlea Park, Glen Iris

    San Marco Park, Pelican Point

    Venezia Park, Pelican Point

    Bob Howells Park, South Bunbury

    Elizabeth Park, South Bunbury

    Fitzgerald Park, South Bunbury

    Mangles Park, South Bunbury

    Ray Bain Park, Usher

    Smeeth Park, Usher

    Whiteman Park, Usher

    Ashrose Reserve, Withers

    DC Foster Park, Withers

    Les Wilson Park, Withers

    Mason Park, Withers

    Moriarty Park, Withers

    Welcome Park, Withers

    Withers Library, Withers

  • Kimberley Park, Carey Park

    Trinity Park, College Grove

    Horseshoe Lake, East Bunbury

    Sundew Park, Glen Iris

    Bellemore Park, South Bunbury

    Dudley Park, Usher

  • Kelly Park, Carey Park

    Hands Oval, South Bunbury

    Glen Iris Skate Park, Glen Iris

    Des Ugle Park, Withers

  • Jetty Baths, Bunbury

    Koombana Foreshore, Bunbury

    Koombana North, Bunbury

    Les D’Vorak Reserve, Bunbury

    Pat Usher Foreshore, Bunbury

    Queens Gardens, Bunbury

    Rocky Point, Bunbury

    Hungry Hollow, Bunbury

    Surf Club, Bunbury

    Sykes Foreshore, Bunbury

    Koolambidi Woola, Bunbury

    Frank Buswell Foreshore, East Bunbury

    Richmond Reserve, East Bunbury

    Pelican Point Foreshore, Pelican Point

    Pelican Point Park, Pelican Point

    Taylor Reserve, Pelican Point

    Big Swamp Park, South Bunbury

    Hungry Hollow, South Bunbury

    Maidens Park, Withers

  • Anzac Park, Bunbury

    Bicentennial Square, Bunbury

    Boulters Heights, Bunbury

    Casuarina Park, Bunbury

    Centenary Gardens, Bunbury

    Graham Bricknell Sound Shell, Bunbury

    Marlston Lookout Park, Bunbury

    Marlston Market Square, Bunbury

    Pioneer Park, Bunbury

    Wardandi Burial Site, Bunbury

    John Banks Memorial Dog Park, Withers

    Miniature Railway, South Bunbury