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Aquatic Facilities

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 50m Indoor Pool

Our 50-metre Olympic-sized indoor pool is available for a range of beginner to elite aquatic programs.

  • 10 lanes for slow, medium, and fast swimming.
  • Heated between 27-28 degrees.
  • Pool depth ranges from 1.2m to 2m.
water view of 50m pool with red lane rope and bunting above

25m Leisure Pool

Our 25m pool is used for swimming lessons, water walking, and recreational swimming for the whole community.

  • Heated between 31-32 degrees.
  • 0.7-0.9m lane area pool depth range
  • Freeform leisure pool gently sloped from beach entry to 1m depth at water slide flume.

Separate toddler pool area with 0-0.3m depth

Spa, Sauna and Steam Room

Our community steam room, sauna, and spa, located between the 25m and 50m pool.

  • Patrons must obtain a wristband from reception before entering;
  • Entry is restricted to 16+ years of age;
  • Consult a doctor before using facilities if you are pregnant, have heart disease, diabetes, or high/low blood pressure;
  • Drink water to stay hydrated, and limit use to a recommended 15 minutes
  • Use towels in the sauna, and refrain from putting your head underwater in the spa.
  • Sauna and steam room close 15 mins before the Centre closes to allow for deep clean of the facility.
Woman sitting in a hot tub with elbows resting on edge.
Young boy exiting waterslide tube into pool with a splash

Waterslide and Inflatable

The giant inflatable and waterslide are both available for hire during school holidays and weekends. They can also be booked for private events, such as birthday parties.

Learn more with our waterslide and inflatable page.

  • Safety is our top priority! As a Watch Around Water aquatic centre, we encourage responsible child supervision. Here are some guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone:

    • Under 5 years: always keep within arms reach.
    • Under 10 years: always keep them in sight.
    • Children under 13 years must be accompanied and supervised by a parent/guardian who is over 16 years of age.
    • Beware of distractions,: such as mobile phones.
    • Be prepared: with anything you need, such as towels and dry clothes.
    • All children under 4 years of age are required to wear a swim nappy at all times when in the pool.

  • Venue Booking Request

    If you would like to request a aquatic facility booking please call us on (08) 9795 2222 or complete the form below.

    Aquatic Venue Booking Request Form

    Organisation Details

    Activity Details/Area Selection

    Booking Details

    Payments & Fees
    • All fees are to be paid on or before the commencement of the booking unless otherwise arranged.
    • Invoicing is only available with approval from Centre managements and may require issuing of an order number from the hirer.
    • Bookings with invoice approval must be paid within 14 days of the invoice.
    • Payments not received by the due date(s) may result in cancellation of booking.
    • Substantial bookings or events may require a deposit prior to approval of booking. Refund of deposits is at the discretion of management.
    • Any requested changes to your booking must be submitted in writing via email to for confirmation.
    • Any cancellations must be received in writing and may incur a fee as outlined below:
      • Cancellation of your booking more than 7 days prior to the booking: no charge
      • Cancellation of your booking less than 7 days prior to the booking: 100% of total booking fee
    General Terms & Conditions
    • Bookings will only be accepted if submitted and signed on a Venue Booking Request Form prior to the commencement of hire.
    • The South West Sports Centre reserves the right to cancel bookings providing notice is giving in writing at least 30 days prior to the booking start date.
    • Management reserves the right to use the facility, should it be required for a special purpose or one off events providing the request is made in writing at least 60 days prior to the booking start date.
    • All areas used must be left in a clean and tidy condition. Should the Centre require additional cleaning (above that which is normally done) as a result of your use of the facilities, the hirer will be invoiced for these additional costs.
    • Cleaning time by the hirer must be included in the total venue hire period
    • The hirer shall not permit the consumption of any alcoholic beverage during the currency of the hirer’s booking without the written approval of the Centre Manager. The Centre Manager will only provide written consent in the State liquor regulations can be satisfied.
    • The hirer will not sublet any part of the Centre without prior written approval from the Centre Manager.
    • The hirer is required to vacate the Centre at the expiration of the time specified on the booking form. Failure to do so will result in additional costs being invoiced to the hirer. Continued and persistent breaches of agreed hire times may result in termination of the booking at the Centre Managers discretion.
    • The hirer will take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of participants and spectators using the facility during the hire period.
    • The facilities will be fully supervised by the hirer or staff of the hirer to ensure order and decent behaviour.
    • The hirer is responsible for the cost of any damages incurred by dependent guests/children who willfully or neglectfully cause such damage.
    • Any damage discovered prior to booking, please report to Reception as this will ensure your organisation will not be held responsible
    • In the event of an emergency evacuation signal sounding through the PA system, assemble hirers group together and await staff instructions
    • The South West Sports Centre is a Watch around Water aquatic centre. This is an initiative from the Royal Life Saving Society of WA which aims to encourage parents/guardians to be responsible for child supervision:
      • Children under 13 years must be accompanied and supervised by a parent/guardian at all times who is over 16 years of age
      • Children under 5 years must be accompanied and directly supervised within arms reach of an adult at all times.
      • All children under 4 years of age are required to wear a swim nappy at all times when in the pool.