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South West Sports Centre


Gym Facilities

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, an athlete, or a beginner looking to embark on a healthy lifestyle, we have everything you need to achieve your fitness goals. Read on to learn more about the exceptional gym equipment available at the South West Sports Centre.

Cardiovascular Equipment

Our gym is equipped with a wide range of state-of-the-art cardio machines that will get your heart pumping and help you burn calories. You'll find a variety of treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, and rowing machines. These machines are equipped with advanced features such as adjustable resistance, pre-set workout programs, heart rate monitors, and interactive displays to track your progress.

Strength Training Equipment

We take pride in our extensive selection of strength training equipment, designed to target every major muscle group in your body. Our facility boasts a range of free weights including dumbbells, barbells, and weight plates, allowing you to customize your workouts. We also offer a range of resistance machines, including chest presses, leg presses, lat pulldowns, and cable machines. These machines provide a safe and controlled environment for strength training.

Functional Training Area

If you're interested in functional training or CrossFit-style workouts, we have a dedicated area with equipment such as battle ropes, medicine balls, plyometric boxes, suspension trainers, and kettlebells. This area allows you to incorporate dynamic movements into your workouts, enhancing your overall strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Resistance Training

For those who prefer resistance training, we offer a variety of machines and equipment targeting specific muscle groups. You'll find leg extension machines, leg curl machines, calf machines, chest fly machines, shoulder press machines, and much more. These machines are designed to isolate and strengthen individual muscles effectively.

Stretching and Flexibility

We recognise the importance of flexibility and injury prevention. Our gym includes a dedicated stretching area equipped with mats, foam rollers, and various stretching aids. You can use this area to perform stretches before or after your workout, improving your range of motion and aiding in recovery.

Minimum Age to Use the Gym

16 years is the minimum age to use the Gym on a casual basis. Teens as young as 14 years can use the gym if they have a valid SWSC membership. It is a condition of membership that anyone under the age of 16 years are required to attend at least one appointment with a SWSC Trainer prior to their first use of the gym.

The minimum age limit has been set with the aim of preventing potential injuries and accidents that may occur due to inadequate supervision or lack of awareness about proper workout techniques.

Our minimum age policy prioritises the health and safety of our youngest gym users, empowering them to embrace fitness in a responsible and beneficial manner.

At the South West Sports Centre, we are committed to providing you with a first-class fitness experience. Our gym equipment is regularly maintained and upgraded to ensure your safety and satisfaction. Call our friendly staff today on (08) 9795 2222 to find out more and get ready to unleash your full fitness potential!