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Fitness doesn’t have to be a solo activity. With South West Sports Centre’s group fitness classes, you can cycle, swim, or step your way to a healthier lifestyle with friends. Our classes are fun, friendly, and inclusive.

What are the benefits of group fitness classes?

Group fitness classes benefit fitness, heart health, and your social life. If working out alone puts you off going to the gym altogether, dipping your toes into group classes could be a great way to get motivated. Not only do you get the health benefits of regular exercise, but you can also meet people along the way. Our South West Sports Centre instructors are passionate about getting people moving, no matter their fitness level.

What should I bring to a group fitness class?

The Sports Centre staff ask that all attendees bring towels to each group fitness class. This is to wipe down any equipment used during class, with sanitiser provided by the gym. SWSC has a proactive cleaning and sanitisation program, so keeping equipment clean is imperative to prevent spreading germs, and ensure equipment maintains its good condition for others to use. Aside from a towel, you should bring a water bottle to stay hydrated. Attendees are also welcome to bring their equipment, such as a yoga mat, if they don’t want to use the equipment provided.

Can I join group fitness as a beginner?

You can absolutely join group fitness as a beginner. We cater to all fitness levels and abilities. Each class on our timetable contains a description of the intensity level and style of the class. This way, members can easily see what is required in each workout and which classes suit their capabilities. If you’re unsure which group fitness session is right for you, ask one of our gym staff. We can discuss options and find a fitness solution that meets your workout goals.

What if I’m late to class?

Unfortunately, South West Sports Centre group fitness classes don’t allow latecomers. This is to ensure classes start and finish on time with as little disruption to the schedule as possible. The Bunbury staff try their best to ensure everyone gets to enjoy their classes promptly, and we appreciate your understanding. To avoid missing out, please arrive at least five minutes before the session begins.

How much do group fitness classes cost?

The cost of casual entry for group fitness classes begins at $16 for concession and $20 for regular class attendees, or become a member to save on entry fees. You may also purchase gym or group fitness visit passes that allow up to ten visits. South West Sports Centre provides an inclusive entry pass or a ten-visit pass if you’re interested in our swimming pool, spa, or sauna facilities. That way, you can enjoy group fitness, hop in the pool, or relax in our spa and sauna.

How do I book a group fitness session?

Bookings for group fitness classes can be made through our membership portal, via phone call, or at reception. Members can log into their accounts online, select their class and reserve a spot from there. Otherwise, give us a ring on (08) 9795 2222, or chat to the friendly staff at the desk next time you’re at the Bunbury centre. If you can’t make a class, please call reception or use the portal to cancel as soon as possible so we can give other members or casual users a chance to attend group fitness.