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Overnight Rest Areas

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The City of Bunbury has opened its doors to fully self-contained recreational vehicle (RV) travellers by offering two locations to use as free overnight rest areas.

All overnight rest areas within the City of Bunbury have a maximum stay limit of 48 hours and require the users to obtain an online permit via Visit Bunbury Geographe or from the Visitor Information Centre's located at the Bunbury Museum or Dolphin Discover Centre. Permit holders are unable to obtain another permit within an 28-day period.

Visitors must meet the definition of fully self-contained to utilise these areas. To be considered fully self-contained your vehicle must be fitted with on-board facilities such as toilets and sinks. These on-board facilities cannot be a separate item; they must be manufactured as part of the vehicle and plumbed in. If your vehicle does not meet these criteria, you will need to use established caravan parks.

Camping in tents or sleeping in cars is not permitted at any of these locations. Overnight rest areas are unavailable during public events being held in that location.

If you are in need of further assistance, please see the friendly staff at the Visitor Information Centre.

A list of alternate accommodation options for those who do not meet the criteria of fully self-contained can be found below.