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City of Bunbury


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Bunbury's Nature and Trails

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The Mangrove Walk at Leschenault Inlet

There is a plethora of walking and bike trails throughout Bunbury where you will bear witness to local flora and fauna.

The popular 5km loop around the tranquil Leschenault Inlet takes in the stunning Mangrove Walk (the southernmost mangroves in Australia) as well as views across the waterway into the CBD.

The coastal cycle or walk along Ocean Drive will take you all the way from Bunbury’s iconic lighthouse in the north, past the picturesque basalt rocks at Wyalup-Rocky Point, to the natural wonders of Maidens Reserves trails in the south.

The Maidens is located at the southern end of Ocean Drive and is an undulating limestone track alongside the beach. Enjoy the coastal vegetation and clean, crisp beach air as you traverse the trail. If you time it right you’ll catch the sunset atop one of the many viewpoints.

A top spot for fatbike enthusiasts and trail runners alike.

The Big Swamp Wetlands’ winding walkways and intriguing paperbarks are also not to be missed.

Big Swamp is a unique wetland reserve, home to more than 70 species of birds, mammals, reptiles and fish.

A 2-kilometre pathway meanders around the swamp where there are boardwalks, look-outs and a bird hide to observe and enjoy the diversity of birdlife, flora and fauna.

Big Swamp is one of the favoured breeding grounds in Bunbury for the Black Swan and home to the long-necked turtle.

At the furthest south end of Ocean Drive you will find the Tuart Walk. A short stroll between the City of Bunbury and Shire of Capel. During spring you may be lucky enough to view wildflowers in full bloom or spot a kangaroo or two. Wildflowers in this area include buttercup bush, purple tassels, false boronia, running postman, cow slip orchids, pink fairy orchids, and wattle.

Wildflowers at Manea Park

However if you want the full Bunbury in bloom experience head to Manea Park located in College Grove. A limestone trail winds through this magnificent park which is home to an array of flora and fauna including the red-tailed black cockatoo and western ringtail possum. Wildflowers on display include donkey orchards, leaping spider orchids, curry flower, buttercup bush, salt and pepper bush, native wisteria, sun dews, kangaroo paws, jug orchids and white spider orchids.

Another notable location for pretty blooms is the Katherine Chauhan Reserve. The quiet reserve is located on the corner Parade Road and Guile Fairway in Withers and has an array of wildflowers such as white spider orchids, kangaroo paws, blue squill, purple tassels, false boronia, running postman, milk maids, cow slip orchids, wattle, pink fairy orchids, buttercup bush and salt and pepper bush.