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Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre Venue Hire

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Centrally located in Bunbury’s CBD, the Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre offers a memorable space for your events, meetings, workshops and activities. Hire opportunities and partnerships will be considered in the context of the heritage building, collections and displays.

The Classroom is a versatile space with original timber flooring and a peaceful heritage ambience. It is normally set up as an old classroom complete with vintage school desks, but the furniture can be rearranged to suit your requirements. We have used this space to host yoga classes, meetups, film screenings, meetings, school excursions, workshops, and more. Maximum capacity - 50 people, although we recommend no more than 30 people for a comfortable experience in this space.

The Main Gallery Space and Outside Courtyard of the Museum building are also available for partnership opportunities, events, and venue hire. 

The City of Bunbury has set the following rates:

  • The Classroom (commercial rate) - $204 per day, $40 per hour  
  • The Classroom (community hire) - $102 per day, $20 per hour 
  • Not for profit organisations can receive a set amount of free room hire per financial year upon acceptance of their NFP status. Contact the Museum to learn more.

The Museum may be available for venue hire during business hours Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm), Museum opening hours on weekends (10am to 4pm), and occasionally on weekday evenings (finishing no later than 8:30pm, including pack down).

Your application will be assessed by the Museum Team Leader according to the suitability of your event to the unique heritage space, Museum programming, and staff availability. You are encouraged to contact the Museum Team Leader to arrange a time to view the space and discuss before submitting an application form.

While the Museum will provide tables and chairs, you are responsible for setting up the space according to your requirements at the start of your event, and returning the space to its original condition (including returning furniture to its original configuration) prior to the nominated finish time. There will be a helpful checklist provided to hirers to assist in this process. Charges may apply if the room is not left as per its specified furniture configuration.

Please complete our online Venue Hire Application form or contact us to find out more about venue hire at the Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre. ​

Room Hire Application

This is an application form only. Bookings are not confirmed until approval has been granted by the City of Bunbury. The City of Bunbury, upon receipt of a completed application, reserves the right not to accept and confirm usage for any reason.

Customer Details

(Please note these will be used for an invoice if your booking attracts a fee)

Event Details

Terms and Conditions

Information: The Council maintains this facility is in good conditio and trusts that it meets your requirements. In return for the use of the Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre rooms, it is expected that you:
  • Complete and sign an application form acknowledging all information set out in this document is understood, and ensure that all the conditions are met.
  • Advise Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre if alcohol is to be served, even if no liquor licence is required.
  • Conclude your function on schedule. Additional costs will be incurred for exceeding finishing times.
  • Leave the premises in the same condition in which you found it, and return furniture to its original configuration prior to your nominated finish time. This includes removing all rubbish (Museum rubbish bins are located in the Courtyard), reporting breakages, spills wiped up at time of spillage, and no areas left unusually dirty. Charges may apply if the room is not left as per its specified furniture configuration. Cleaning equipment and materials can be supplied if requested.
  • It is understood that the City of Bunbury reserves the right, in rare circumstances, to take precedence over confirmed bookings. Every effort will be made to provide reasonable notice and to assist hirers to find alternative accommodation should this occur.
  • Every user of the premises shall ensure that during the period of use that:
    • All decorations and equipment brought into the building are removed immediately after use of the premises. Nothing is to be stored in the building without prior approval.
    • No damage is caused to the premises or any property, chattels, equipment, fixtures or fittings therein or used in connection therewith.
    • No candles, bain-maries or other device that creates smoke or steam may be used on the premises.
    • No property, chattels, equipment, fixtures or fittings are removed from the premises.
    • All electronics brought into the building have been tagged and tested by an electrician before use.
    • No nuisance or annoyance is caused to the owners or occupiers of property in the vicinity of the premises.
    • Nothing is stuck to the walls or floor using sticky tape, blue-tac or any other adhesive.
    • The staff of Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre at all times during the period of hire have free access to the building and every part thereof.
  • No person using the premises shall:
    • Behave in a disorderly manner.
    • Use any profane or indecent language.
    • Be in an intoxicated condition.
    • Create or take part in any disturbance.
    • Cause any nuisance or annoyances to the owners or occupiers of any adjoining property or property within the vicinity of the facility, or the patrons of the Museum.
  • Capacity: The number of persons attending the venueshall not exceed 300 in the entire Museum building. The maximum number of persons to be accommodated at any function is determined by the Department of Health. By admitting a greater number than permitted on this form, the hirer is liable to prosecution and forfeiture of all or part of the bond.
  • Evacuation: The Evacuation Procedure is attached to this document. Please sign the declaration and return it to Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre to confirm the procedure has been read and understood. You must retain a copy of the Evacuation Procedure and have it to hand throughout the duration of your booking.
  • Basic requirements: No hire can commence until Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre has received a signed application form, payment in full of hire fees (if applicable) and any applicable bond and proof that all conditions have been met.
  • License requirements: Evidence of an appropriate liquor licence, public liability insurance, engagement of a private security guard and an appropriate APRA licence may be required.
  • Bond refunds: If a bond is required, the full amount will be refunded if, in the City’s opinion, the facility is vacated on time, undamaged, and in a reasonably clean condition, and all other conditions for hire have been met. Allow up to 4 weeks for processing.
    A “reasonably clean condition” indicates: furniture left as per original configuration, all rubbish removed (Museum rubbish bins are located in the outdoor Courtyard), breakages reported, spills wiped up at time of spillage, and no areas left unusually dirty. Cleaning equipment and materials can be supplied if requested. Decorations and equipment brought into the facility are to be removed by the end of the hire period or another time prearranged with Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre.
    “On time” means no more than ten minutes after the booked finishing time. If, in the City’s opinion, the facility is left in a dirty condition, or if damage is caused to the facility or any property, chattels, equipment, fixtures or fittings therein; the period of hire terminates; or if the event goes more than ten minutes over the specified time of hire, part or all of the bond fee may be withheld (or additional fees charged) to cover the costs of cleaning, repairs and/or hire fees.
  • Smoking: Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building or Courtyard.
  • Cancellation: Cancellation of bookings is required in writing, and must be received at least 48 hours (Monday—Friday) before booking commencement. 50% payment will be charged if cancellation of a booking is received less than forty-eight (48) hours prior to booking commencement.
  • Indemnity: Upon acceptance of hire, you bind yourself as the hirer to hold the City of Bunbury and the employees of the City of Bunbury indemnified against claims which may be made against them for damages or otherwise, in respect of any loss, damage, death or injury caused by or in the course of or arising out of the hiring of the venue, the property of the City of Bunbury during all periods when such venue is on hire to the hirer.
  • Compliance: Failure to comply with all or any of these conditions may result in a forfeiture of all or a portion of the bond. Additional charges for cleaning and/or repair of damage may also be imposed.

Privacy: The personal information collected on this form will only be used by the City of Bunbury for the sole purpose of providing requested and related services. Information will be stored securely by the City and will not be disclosed to any third parties without your express written consent.

Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre Emergency Evacuation Procedure: If smoke is detected or the fire alarm is raised, please proceed to the nearest exit and follow the instructions of the Fire Wardens (Museum staff). The contact person on the application form is responsible for ensuring all members attending your event have evacuated the building. All groups hiring the Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre facilities are to familiarise themselves with all emergency exits (visible on the evacuation diagrams on the walls inside the Museum building). The primary assembly area is located at Paisley Square forecourt (outside the Centrepoint shops). The secondary assembly area is the corner of Arthur and Stirling Streets. The fire brigade will automatically attend when the alarm is raised. In case of the alarm being triggered by any smoke emitting implements, the cost of the fire brigade call out will be passed on to the room hirer.