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City of Bunbury


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Planning an Event

Planning an event? For events held on a public space a permit is required.

The Events team will assess applications and issue a permit. This will outline information on availability, regulations and other approvals required.
Individuals or small groups may casually use the City’s reserves without a permit.
However, if your event will include any of the below, your event will require a permit:

  • 30 people or more will be in attendance
  • The group wishes to consume alcohol
  • Use of a marquee (or any temporary structure), bouncy castle, animal farm, pony rides, or similar activities
  • Formal sporting games/matches/training sessions
  • Formal event or function where a certain section will be enclosed with fencing or similar
  • Selling or serving food and/or drinks

If your event does require a permit, please complete the Public Event Application Form below.
If you are unsure whether your event will require a permit, please ensure you contact the Events team who will be able to advise you on your requirements.
Even if your event does not require a permit, the City encourages you to contact the Events team regarding your activity, to ensure there are no scheduling clashes and that your proposed location is available and suitable.

Planning a wedding? Please apply through SmartyGrants.