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City of Bunbury


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Busking in Bunbury

Street entertainers do not require a permit to operate, and are welcome to conduct their activities anywhere within the CBD. Musicians and entertainers performing low risk activities, will not require public liability insurance.

Conditions pertaining specifically to busking activities

  • Must not use fire, or any weapon or object with sharp edges
  • Must not perform acts that endangers the safety of the public
  • Must not perform any act of cruelty to an animal
  • Must not act in an offensive or obscene manner
  • Amplifiers must not be more than fifty (50) watts, and must only be used following permission within earshot
  • No music containing offensive or adult language or themes is permitted

Charity/non-profit groups do not require a permit to operate, and are welcome to conduct their activities within the Bunbury CBD, subject to approval from affected businesses.

Conditions pertaining specifically to fundraising activities

  • Only local branches, clubs and organisations within the Bunbury Geographe region may fundraise unless otherwise approved by the City of Bunbury
  • Only cash is to be collected (no credit card details)
  • All collectors must display a name tag including the name of the organisation/group they represent
  • A current public liability insurance policy must be provided upon request
  • Charities must hold a special license for fundraising which is obtained from the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

Conditions pertaining to all street activities

  • No harassment of pedestrians is permitted
  • Adequate space for a double pram and/or large wheelchair to pass must be maintained at all times
  • Business entrances must not be obstructed and permission must be sought from any business located directly adjacent to and in earshot of the activity prior to commencement
  • A maximum of three hours in one space is permitted
  • Activities must be located a minimum of 50 metres apart with the exception of Paisley Square where earshot distance applies
  • A maximum of four people are permitted for each activity
  • If equipment such as tables, chairs, and marquees is intended to be used, Paisley Square and the corner of Victoria and Stephen Street are the only permitted locations
  • All litter created as a result of the activities is to be removed from its environs
  • Street activity organisers must respond to any instruction from an authorised person (e.g. Rangers, Police, Council Officer)
  • A three-strike system applies for complaints with the banning of the organisation/group/individual applying following three complaints relating to these conditions
  • The City of Bunbury reserves the right to discontinue the activity of any organisation/group/individual for any reason at any time
  • Requests from adjacent businesses to cease the activity must be respected
  • No activity is permitted at public events without the permission of the event organiser
  • On occasion the City may issue permits for a special purpose; in this instance permit holders have sole rights to the space in question
  • People under the age of 14 must be supervised by a parent at all times
  • People under the age of 16 are not permitted to conduct an activity during school hours