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Published 15 February 2024, updated 18 April 2024

Tree planting

Applications for the City of Bunbury Winter Street Tree Program are now open!

The Winter Street Tree Program aims to maintain and expand urban tree canopy in our residential areas.

Through the program, trees are supplied and planted on the verge at no cost to residents. The tree(s) will require watering about twice a week within the first year, to ensure that they have the best chance to establish.

Pruning and ongoing maintenance of the tree is the responsibility of the City.

There is a limited number of trees available each year.

City staff will work with you to select the ideal tree from a curated list of species that will not only complement your existing streetscape but encourage biodiversity and thrive in your neighbourhood.

We aim to plant the same tree species along a street to create aesthetically pleasing avenues of trees.

Applications must be received before May 2024 via the online form below.

Winter Street Tree Program Application

The address of the property of where the tree/s may be planted.

Twice per week during summer following planting and additional watering if tree shows signs of wilting