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Published 11 July 2024

Parks and Gardens staff planting trees at Koombana Foreshore.

You may have spotted our Parks and Reserves crews out and about the past few weeks as they continue to green Bunbury.

The Koombana Foreshore precinct was recently spruced up with 20 new native trees – Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Malaleuca – increasing Bunbury’s canopy cover.

More than 30 natives were planted along Ocean Drive and damaged trees were also replaced after the recent storms.

This year’s winter tree planting program will see more than 700 trees pop up across Bunbury in line with the City’s Greening Plan target of a 10-20 per cent increase in canopy cover over 20 years.

Currently the City’s canopy cover is under 14 per cent.

Another 5000 seedlings will be planted in partnership with various local ‘Friends of’ groups and the City’s Natural Environment and Sustainability team as part of the winter rehabilitation program. These seedlings will make their way into reserves this year aiming to improve biodiversity, increase habitat for fauna and reduce bushland maintenance.

Trees and other vegetation provide significant economic, social, health, visual and aesthetic benefits, through the provision of ecosystem services including air and water filtration, shade, habitat, oxygen production, temperature regulation, carbon sequestration and nutrient cycling. However, urban forests around the world are under threat.

To remain sustainable and liveable into the future, the City of Bunbury is prioritising its greening.

The City of Bunbury Greening Plan is available via our website here.