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Is your property prepared for bushfire season?

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Published 31 October 2023

A firefighter and fire truck at the site of a bushfire
Are you prepared for bushfire season?

Due to the high forecast summer temperatures and relatively dry winter, along with current low soil moisture, conditions this year are optimal for fire. City of Bunbury’s number one priority is community safety, so we will be working hard to educate our community on the compliance requirements under the Bush Fires Act 1954 so you can be prepared for bushfire season.

Fire breaks will need to be completed by 13 November and maintained until 5 May 2024. These need to be 3m wide and 4m high. This applies to all properties larger than 2000 square metres.

Grass on all properties needs to be 10cm or less and all dead vegetation removed.

Firebreaks are a legal requirement and failure to comply can result in a penalty of $250. Our Rangers are also Fire Control Officers and will be actively patrolling during fire season to ensure the safety of all our residents.

Where an owner or occupier fails to install or maintain a firebreak, the City will install the firebreak and recover the costs.

We have recently reviewed our Bushfire Mitigation and Inspection policy, and in the interest of safety in residential areas – no burning off on lands less than 2000 square meters will be permitted at any time.

City of Bunbury will not be issuing any permits to burn in November during the restricted period due to the elevated risk this year.

More information on how you can be prepared for bushfire season is available below.