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Fire danger rating signs installed

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Published 06 December 2023

Fire danger rating sign installed at Ocean Drive - pictured with fireman, City of Bunbury Officer and fire truck.

It’s easier than ever for our community to know the risk of fire on summer days. 

The City has installed four new Australian Fire Danger Rating signs to help communicate if the risk of fire has increased. 

The locations include South West, Forrest and Bussell highways and Ocean Drive.  

Fire danger rating signs help predict and describe the potential level of danger, should a bushfire start. The levels include moderate (plan and prepare), high (be ready to act), extreme (take action now) and catastrophic (leave bushfire risk areas). 

This is a great initiative as we all continue to play our part in keeping our community safe this fire season. 

Visit the Australian Fire Danger Rating System or Department of Fire and Emergency Services website for more information, or call the City on 9792 7106.