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Family-friendly events more accessible

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Published 05 December 2023

Communication boards at Koombana Bay pictured with the creators making family-friendly events more accessible.
Family-friendly events more accessible thanks to event communication boards.

The City’s signature family-friendly events will be more accessible and inclusive than ever with a popular communication tool now downloadable. 

The City last year installed communication chat boards at the Koombana Bay and Big Swamp playgrounds, providing a visual tool to help support people with communication difficulties. 

For the first time in local government history, the chat boards will be available to download at Bunbury’s upcoming Christmas in the City and SkyFest events along with hard copies and signage. 

The aim of the chat boards is to not only support non-verbal people communicate, but also build awareness and understanding in verbal communicators as to how they can communicate with someone who is non-verbal. 

This amazing initiative was driven by Co-Design Access Panel member Emily Northcott and local speech pathologist Laura Rosenhart, with ongoing support from the entire CoDAP. 

Together they developed the signs, which use alternative and augmented communication symbols. 

Community members attending the City’s events will be able to scan QR codes to download the boards or can pick up a printed copy from the City’s information tents. 

More information on the boards, along with the downloadable copies, can be found here.