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Corellas in the City of Bunbury

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Published 01 December 2023

Corellas in the City - a white corella chewing a string of lights
Corellas in the City

The City of Bunbury is continuing work to help minimise the effect of nuisance corellas impacting the well-being of our community and causing costly damage to infrastructure.

An ongoing issue for more than a decade, the introduced, invasive species is known to be destructive and noisy, and they out-compete local native species such as the Western Ringtail Possum and Black Cockatoo for food and roosting habitat.

Not to mention the negative health and well-being impacts on those in our community experiencing significant noise disturbance by living close to feed and roosting sites.

Little Corellas are a Category 3 Declared Pest under the WA Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007, and it is the responsibility of the City as the landholder to undertake measures to reduce their impact.

The City has a Little Corella Management Strategy in place which outlines techniques such as trapping at control sites, approved dispersal techniques and identifying opportunities to collaborate with our neighbouring shires.

The strategy uses a combination of existing methods and investigates new techniques that have not yet been trialled in Bunbury.

To better understand the impacts and to help collect information on corellas, the City is asking for our community’s observations and views of corella flock movements and the actions being undertaken.

It is important to remember that the City is required to have a management plan in place.

The City is committed to refining and improving its management of introduced corellas to help minimise the impact on our community.

To provide feedback or your corella observations please follow the link below.