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Container Exchange Points for Bunbury

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Published 13 October 2022

Recycling in Bunbury has just been made easier with Container Exchange Points installed across the City.

An initiative of Containers for Change WA, Container Exchange points, which look like a branded container or basket, are attached to public bins and hold between six and 100 drink containers.

Containers placed in the Container Exchange points are then available for anyone to collect and return to a Containers for Change refund point.

The initiative targets the 51 per cent of Western Australians who admit to throwing recyclable containers in landfill bins while out and about.

Bunbury is just one of 10 local governments to have signed up to the Container Exchange Point program.

Exchange point locations include Koombana Bay, Sykes Foreshore, Rocky Point, Big Swamp Playground and Koolambidi Woola while cradles have been attached to another 10 bins.