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Climate Change Policy endorsed

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Published 19 June 2022, updated 25 July 2022

The City of Bunbury has recently endorsed its Climate Change Policy, acknowledging local, regional and global climate change impacts.

The Policy ensures the City is committed to reducing greenhouse emissions and implementing appropriate climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies for our community.

It recognises the projected changes in climate and sea levels likely to occur within the region over the coming decade which will have the potential to impact our environment, assets and infrastructure and the health, safety and wellbeing of our community.

The City is currently developing a Sustainability and Environment Strategy, which will outline the steps towards reaching corporate net zero emission targets and improving the environmental sustainability and resilience of City operations.

View the policy below

While these steps are taken, the City will continue to prioritise energy efficient solutions for infrastructure projects, support community environmental action and coastal erosion programs and invest in our leading waste education and management initiatives.