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City of Bunbury installs lifesaving equipment

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Published 11 October 2022

The City of Bunbury has partnered with St John WA (SJWA) to update and expand its defibrillator network to greatly improve community access to this potentially lifesaving technology.

When someone suffers from cardiac arrest, that person's likelihood of survival drops 10% for every minute a defib is not used to restart the heart. It is therefore critical to use a defib within minutes of cardiac arrest while CPR is being performed.

Together with SJWA the City audited our current council-owned and privately owned defibs and found most were inaccessible, out of order or missing.

We strategically mapped optimal locations for deployment, where the risk of cardiac arrest is potentially greatest, to maximise coverage and 24-hour access,

There are now a total of 12 defibrillators accessible in the City of Bunbury.

Locations include the @bunbury wildlife park, @brec , City of Bunbury administration building, Koombana Bay, Guppy Park, Koolambidi Woola and Bunbury Surf Lifesaving Club.

These and other locations can be found via the First Responder app and Park Bunbury app.

The final defib recently to be installed was outside the Rose Hotel (pictured).