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Annual Ringtail Tally

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Published 03 April 2024

Grab your friends and family and help count Western ringtail possums across Bunbury for the eighth annual Ringtail Tally.

The Tally is a great way for community members of all ages to engage in citizen science and help in the conservation of a critically endangered species.

The information gained from the tally is building a reliable set of observation data that will improve knowledge about where Western Ringtail Possums are found and in what numbers.

This information is then used as a reference for population trends, future planning decisions and conservation projects. The data becomes more valuable each year the tally is repeated.

Whether you live on an urban block with a small garden; close to a bushland or reserve; or have a large rural property, you can contribute to conservation of the western ringtail possum by counting the possums you see.

The tally starts on Sunday 7 April and the idea is to count ringtails in your designated location on at least one occasion over four weeks, completing the tally by Saturday 4 May.

For more information, please visit the Lescheanult Catchment Council website