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Animal Facility receives food donation

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Published 24 October 2023

A massive thank you to the Animal Rescue Cooperative (ARC) for their recent donation of pet food and treats for the doggos held at the Bunbury Regional Animal Facility.

City of Bunbury was given the opportunity to utilise this service with the support and collaboration of sponsors Petbarn Foundation Royal Canin, Proudly Mars Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Coles expertly organised by ARC Western Australia.

Local rescue and rehoming agencies also benefited from food donations courtesy of ARC.

ARC, through many programs, assists wildlife, companion animals and farm animals and provides community support nationwide and we feel very fortunate and grateful to be included 🫶

This donation will assist animals held at the facility in many ways including a nutritious and varied diet that dogs can be excited for at dinner time.

It provides an enriching and welcoming environment for our new arrivals, a bit of tinned food quickly makes many dogs less fearful of kennels resulting in calmer and safer behaviour and assists with faster improvement for the many animals that come in requiring a steady weight gain plan.

We also expect they will all be on their best behaviour at the sight of these dental treats which are already a favourite. As you can see, a few of our current impounds were very happy to wait patiently and show us their best poses for one!

With such a generous donation, especially of the tinned food, we will endeavour to assist those in need within the community by carrying some in our vehicles for welfare checks.

This fits our view of education and support being an important aspect of our Ranger services.

To find out more about this awesome organisation visit