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Bin Collections

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We provide three bins for bin collections.

The City of Bunbury supplies residents with three bins:

  • 1 red lid general waste bin (collected fortnightly)
  • 1 yellow lid recycling bin (collected fortnightly)
  • 1 lime green lid FOGO bin (collected weekly)

Bin collections commence from 6am.

Bins should be place a minimum of 0.5m from all obstructions and 1m from the road verge.

Did you know? You can opt for a smaller landfill bin? Swap your 240L for a 140L wheelie bin, reduce your waste to landfill and save on rates!

We also provide two green and hard waste collections per year.

  • Two bins should be put out each week:

    • FOGO and Recycling one week
    • FOGO and Landfill the next week

    FOGO stands for Food Organics and Garden Organics. If it didn’t live or grow, it’s not FOGO. Only food, garden waste, paper products and council supplied compostable liners go into your FOGO bin!

    If your collection falls on Good Friday or Christmas Day, your bin will be collected the following day.

    Did you know? You can opt for a smaller landfill bin?

    Swap your 240L for a 140L wheelie bin, reduce your waste to landfill and save on rates!

    On bin day please be aware of the following:

    • Collections begin at 6am
    • The bin should be placed within 1 metre from road verge, 0.5 metre between bins and away from other obstructions like overhanging trees, power lines and footpaths
    • The hinge/handle should be placed away from the road
    • The lid should be closed
    • Do not overfill bin
    • Contents sorted correctly into the right bin
    • Excess rubbish not contained within the bin will not be collected
    • Bin contents must not exceed 70kg
  • If for any reason your bin has not been emptied as scheduled, please contact us on 9792 7333.

    There are several reasons why your bin may not have been emptied:

    • The bin(s) was not put out in time – bins must be placed on the kerb by 6am
    • The bin may have contained unacceptable items or is too heavy for the truck to lift – check if your bin has a sticker on the lid
    • There may have been something obstructing access to your bin like a parked vehicle

    Please leave your bin on the kerb and we will arrange collection. Please note there may be a fee for repeat offenders.

    Half emptied bin

    If your bin has only been half emptied, there may be items stuck inside.

    Should your bin be half emptied, you’re responsible to loosen the waste and present your bin for collection the following week.

  • Please contact us on 9792 7333 if

    • A bin/s at your property is damaged and requires repair or replacement
    • A bin has gone missing from your property and you have been unable to locate it.
    • A stray bin requires removal

    Please note there is no charge for this service. This request can be made by the tenant, property owner or authorised agent.

    Please ensure the bin is empty and left on your property verge on the usual day of collection.