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Request Bin Lid Tactile Symbols

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The City of Bunbury has tactile symbols that can be used to help you identify your bins when you are vision impaired. 

The discreet clear plastic symbols are secured to the tops of your bins allowing you to feel the tactile symbol and identify whether it is a bin with a green, yellow, or red lid. 

The symbols are: 

  • triangle = recycling 
  • circle = FOGO waste 
  • square = general waste 

To have the symbols installed on your bin lids please email with the following information or call the Waste Services team on 9792 7333.

  •  name 
  • contact details (phone or email) 
  • property location/address. 

Once your request has been received, we will be in contact to discuss a suitable day to install the symbols on your lids.