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Hard and Green Waste Collections

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Assortment of unwanted items on curbside

The City of Bunbury provides twice annual hard and green waste collections for residents.

Green waste items we collect:

  • Tree and shrub prunings up to 1.5m in length
  • Lawn clippings
  • Leaves
  • Logs and stumps (less than 200mm in diameter)

Items we don’t collect:

  • Branches over 1.5m long
  • Logs over 200mm in diameter
  • Sand and soil
  • Treated timber
  • Clippings in plastic bags
  • Palms and palm leaves

Hard waste items we collect:

  • Whitegoods e.g. fridges, stoves (detached doors from fridges and freezers, if fitted with a mechanical latch).
  • Furniture
  • General junk such as old lawn mowers and barbecues
  • Treated timber
  • Old carpet
  • E-Waste (any household item with a plug, battery or cord)

Please note:

Fridges must have their doors removed for safety.

Please separate E-Waste, whitegoods and general hard waste for easy collection.

Items we don’t collect:

  • Building materials such as bricks, rubble, sand, concrete or cement
  • Motor vehicle parts or tyres
  • Asbestos or fibre cement products
  • Flammable or chemical liquids (including paint and oil)*
  • Green waste
  • Gas bottles
  • Commercial crates/pallets
  • Mattresses

Non-compliant items will be left and the resident will be responsible for the removal and correct disposal of these items. A letter from the City of Bunbury will be placed in your letter box explaining why the items were left behind and advice on how to dispose of them.

Green and Hard Waste Collection Dates

For green and hard waste collection dates including your three bins collection dates please refer to the calendar below.