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The City of Bunbury Waste team delivers a range of waste services to the community, for more details please see the information below. If you need further information , please refer to our dedicated My Three Bins app or contact Waste Services on 9792 7333.

Waste Services

  • The City of Bunbury provides twice annual hard and green waste collections for residents.

    This includes electronic waste.

    E-Waste (any household item with a plug, battery or cord) can now be collected during hard waste collections. Please separate E-Waste, whitegoods and general hard waste for easy collection.

    For more information visit our hard and green waste collection page which includes what is considered hard and green waste and the Waste Services calendar which shows collections dates.

  • The City of Bunbury supplies residents with three bins:

    • 1 red lid general waste bin (collected fortnightly)
    • 1 yellow lid recycling bin (collected fortnightly)
    • 1 lime green lid FOGO bin (collected weekly)

    Collections commence from 6am.

    Bins should be place a minimum of 0.5m from all obstructions and 1m from the road verge.

    Did you know? You can opt for a smaller landfill bin? Swap your 240L for a 140L wheelie bin, reduce your waste to landfill and save on rates!

    We also provide two green and hard waste collections per year.

    For more information visit our Bin Collections page

  • The City of Bunbury is committed to dealing with graffiti and working with the community to remove it as soon as possible.

    Please report all graffiti incidents within the City of Bunbury to 9792 7333. It can also be reported to WA Police on 131 444 or via the WA Police Goodbye Graffiti website.

    The City works hard to keep our beautiful city clean with street sweeping, pressure washing and path sweeping. However, if you do find an area that needs attention, please contact us on 9792 7333.

  • The Waste Management Facility (aka the tip) is located on Stanley Road, Australind. The facility is managed by Bunbury Harvey Regional Council and is open 8am to 5pm every day except Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Good Friday.

  • Each residence within the City of Bunbury is eligible for a free Kitchen Caddy, these can be obtained from the Administration building at 4 Stephen Street, Bunbury. Please remember to bring proof of residency. Compostable bags for your kitchen caddy can also be collected from the City’s Administration building, South West Sports Centre and Bunbury Public Libraries.

    Alternatively compostable bags can be purchased from supermarkets and hardware stores. Please look for the seedling symbol on the packaging.

  • Launched in October 2020, the Containers for Change Scheme allows you to return eligible drink containers to authorised refund points for a 10c refund.

    Eligible containers include:
    • Plastic and glass drink bottles, including juice, beer and soft drink
    • Aluminium and steel drink cans
    • Flavoured milk and fruit juice bottles
    • Liquid paperboard (flavoured milk, coconut water, non-foiled lined juice box)
    • Other (juice pouches, juice boxes, cask-spirit based)

    Please ensure all bottle lids are removed. Lids are accepted for recycling at Refund Points points.
    For more information, including your nearest Refund Point please visit Containers for Change WA

  • The City of Bunbury My 3 Bins app is available free on Google Play or at Apple Stores. Download today and stay up-to-date with all things waste related. Never forget your bin day again.

    The app includes:

    • Up-to-date waste calendars
    • Hard waste and green waste collection dates and details
    • A-Z guides – search and find, what bin to put it in
    • Request forms
    • E-waste and Household Hazard Waste Recycling Centre details
    • Near Me Map functions – find your local low waste living and recycling locations
    • Information on all things waste

    Apple devices

    Android devices


  • There are many public bins throughout Bunbury, which are regularly emptied. Public bins are for public use only. Please do not dispose of your residential or commercial waste into these bins. This can cause the bins to overflow, creating an unsightly mess.

    During busy times, some bins will get full. If a bin is full – please use another nearby bin or take your waste home with you.

    Please contact Waste Services on 9792 7333 to report a full or damaged public bin or dog waste bag dispenser.

    Dog waste bags are provided by the City to assist dog owners but it is their responsibility to ensure they always have dog poo bags on hand when walking their dog.

    The City has changed to certified compostable dog waste bags. Unlike degradable and biodegradable plastic bags, our parks, beaches and open spaces now have compostable bags which contain no plastic. You can identify a compostable bag by the compostable certification seed symbol.

    Place your used bags and dog waste in the bins provided or in your lime green lidded FOGO bin at home.