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The City is responsible for the maintenance of more than 330km of roads and implements road safety projects that are funded by both the State and Federal governments. Road maintenance works primarily include pothole and tree root damage repairs, crack sealing and kerb repairs with major reseal and reconstruction works forming part of the City’s annual infrastructure capital program.

The City also maintains about 200km of footpaths and dual use paths. Maintenance works include the repair of damaged sections of the City’s brick-paved paths, tree root damage repairs, sweeping and cleaning, weed spraying and repairs to sections of damaged in situ concrete footpaths.

Verge Maintenance

The City of Bunbury relies on each person maintaining the verge at the front or side of their property. Verge maintenance by Council is limited to pruning of street trees. Any further improvement is by the property owner and adds to the aesthetics of the property.

It is not possible for Council to control weed growth by mechanical means, so where they become a problem weeds along footpaths and kerbs are sprayed. The chemical used is glyphosate, which is a non-residual that kills the weed by absorption through the leaves and transferring to the root system.

Every endeavour is made not to spray verges that are well maintained, but sometimes this inadvertently happens. If you wish, your verge can be added to a list of properties not to be sprayed.
The City of Bunbury undertakes tree planting to parks and streets annually.

Applications for permits are as follows

Always make sure to dial before you dig, call 1100 or visit for more information.