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City of Bunbury


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Street Tree Program

Please note due to high levels of interest we are at capacity for tree requests this season.

The Winter Street Tree Program aims to maintain and expand urban tree canopy in our residential areas.
Through the program, trees are supplied and planted on the verge at no cost to residents. The tree(s) will require watering about twice a week within the first year, to ensure that they have the best chance to establish.

Pruning and ongoing maintenance of the tree is the responsibility of the City.
The City takes requests for street trees year-round, however planting of the trees only occurs in winter (July/August).

There is a limited number of trees available each year. If your request for a tree(s) cannot be accommodated this winter, your request will be prioritised for planting the following year.
Street trees are a valued public asset and Bunbury is fortunate to have a significant number of trees on most City streets which provide an environmentally sustainable and aesthetic streetscape bringing many benefits.

Qualified arboriculture contractors undertake an annual ground up visual inspection on each street tree in the City. For trees other than street trees, where a hazard has been reported, a visual ground up inspection will be undertaken by arboriculture contractors or an appropriately trained officer of the City.

Winter Street Tree Program Application

The address of the property of where the tree/s may be planted.

Twice per week during summer following planting and additional watering if tree shows signs of wilting

Pruning trees

Pruning is generally only undertaken by the City to further the health and vitality of a tree. Pruning of trees unaffected by powerlines does not normally occur, however pruning may be undertaken in the interests of:

  • Public Safety
  • Traffic and pedestrian access
  • Removing growth abnormality or disease
  • Maintaining views from public lookouts
  • Protecting public art and signage
  • Managing the health and well-being of the tree

Tree-related queries such as pruning requests or removal of trees on council verges, reserves or within parks are to be in accordance with the Council Policy: Tree Retention and Corporate Guideline Tree Management. An inspection will then be carried out and you will be advised of the result of the inspection and any proposed works.