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City of Bunbury


Improving Infrastructure: Roads, Paths and Traffic Calming

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City of Bunbury is committed to enhancing the safety and efficiency of our city's infrastructure. Our ongoing initiatives focus on improving roadways, creating pedestrian-friendly pathways, and implementing effective traffic calming measures.

With a strong emphasis on community well-being, we strive to provide smooth and secure transportation options for all residents and visitors. Our dedicated team works diligently to identify areas that require attention, conducting roadworks to ensure optimal functionality and durability.

In addition to roadworks, we prioritise the development of pathways that promote active lifestyles and connect various neighborhoods. These pathways serve as a catalyst for healthier and greener transportation alternatives, enabling residents to explore our beautiful city on foot or by bike.

To enhance safety and reduce vehicle speeds, our traffic calming projects aim to create a harmonious balance between vehicles and pedestrians. Through the implementation of innovative measures we create safer environments for everyone.

Stay up-to-date with our ongoing roadworks, pathway projects, and traffic calming initiatives by visiting this page regularly. Together, we can ensure that Bunbury remains a safe and accessible city for all.