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Smart Parking in Bunbury

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Parking for free in Bunbury is easier than ever with the City of Bunbury’s Smart Parking system. 

In September 2022 the City of Bunbury launched a brand-new system for managing parking in Bunbury. 

This new Smart Parking solution was designed to minimise the cost of parking while providing the City with the essential analytics to constantly improve the parking experience for customers, based on real data. 

The solution is made up of in-ground sensors which communicate through a series of Smartspot Gateways, providing the City with real-time parking data and occupancy rates. The system allows staff to identify trends, and solutions to parking concerns using an intelligent dashboard that provides genuine statistical data and offence information. 

All on-street parking is free but time restricted. The sensors will activate when a motorist parks in a bay. 

In these free areas, you simply observe the time restriction and continue your journey. Remember to return before your time expires. 

Several carparks across the City offer free, all-day parking but there are a few busy car parks where a fee exists because they are so popular. Fees help to ensure bays turn over and parking always remains available. Most of these paid car parks do however allow visitors to park for an allotted free time before paying for additional time if needed. 

There are several payment options so customers can choose the one that works best for them.  

Car parks that do have a fee all have new intelligent parking meters for those who prefer not to use the Park Bunbury phone app. For those more comfortable with technology, there is a wayfinding app that can be used the same as the meter.  

For all these systems all the customer needs to do is enter their car bay number, pay and walk away.  

It is important to remember that we recognise payment against a bay number and not a vehicle registration. Customers need to ensure they enter the correct bay number to avoid receiving an infringement. Using a pay-by-bay system allows the City to further keep the price of parking low. 

With Smart Parking the City can also manage people who overstay beyond the time limit much more efficiently. The system allows us to identify parking offences and abandoned vehicles and ensure parking availability for everyone. 

The Park Bunbury app shows carpark details and availability, City landmarks and destinations, along with locations of importance such as defibrillators and public toilets. 

Please note the Centre Point Shopping Centre and Charles Street carparks are not owned or managed by the City. 

Parking Local Law

See below for a copy of the City's Parking Local Law

The Parking Local 2023 references AS 1742:11 2016 Parking Controls. It is a requirement that this Australian Standard be made available to view on request to our community members. The licensing of Australian Standards prevents us from making a copy available to own but community members can visit the City of Bunbury administration building to view a hard copy or phone 9792 7000 and ask to speak to our Rangers and Emergency Management team who will be able to arrange access.