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Smart Parking in Bunbury

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Parking for free in Bunbury will be easier than ever with the City of Bunbury’s new Smart Parking system set to go live from Monday, 12 September.

The new parking system includes in-ground sensors which have replaced ticket machines, meaning visitors to the City are no longer required to obtain a ticket when they park.

Remembering it is important to continue to create churn of vehicles to help support local businesses, time limits remain in place with two-hour free parking in the on-street bays, with a number of options are available for those who want to park for longer.

Several carparks across the City offer free, all-day parking OR the eight new pay-by-bay parking meters located at long-term carparks will allow visitors to park for the allotted free time before paying for additional time if needed.

All the customer needs to do is enter their car bay number, pay if required and walk away. Free all day carparks that are unmetered are also only a short walk from your favourite shop, café or place of business.

The new in-ground sensors communicate in real time, allowing the City to monitor occupancy rates and trends that can be used to update and improve parking in the City while also notifying when an overstay occurs.

It is not the intent that the City’s Community Information and Parking Officers will be deployed immediately to issue infringements for overstays, but rather they are committed to educating and supporting those that visit the City.

Excitingly, the new system also sees the launch of the City’s new optional wayfinding app which helps visitors plan their journey, again in real time, and pay for additional parking if needed – but importantly, a smart phone is not needed to park in Bunbury.

The Park Bunbury app shows carpark details and availability, City landmarks and destinations, along with locations of importance such as defibrillators and public toilets.

The new parking system is expected to save a considerable amount each year in maintenance and renewal costs compared to the old meter system.

Please note the Centre Point Shopping Centre and Charles Street carparks are not owned or managed by the City.

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