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City of Bunbury


Dog Exercise Areas

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Bunbury has a dog beach

The City of Bunbury is currently reviewing all dog exercise areas and will be engaging with the community very soon on locations where dogs are permitted on leash, off leash and even some areas where dogs are prohibited. It is important the City consider the needs of pet owners, non-pet owners as well as take steps to conserve our native local flora and fauna.

The City has a number of areas where dogs are permitted off leash but remember you must still have effective control at all times. This means:

  • Your dog must be in sight at all times.
  • Your dog must respond when called.
  • Your dog must be able to hear you at all times.
  • Your dog does not rush anyone who doesn’t want the attention from your pet.

A dog rushing up and jumping on someone else could constitute a minor dog attack. It is essential that you control your pet and ensure it isn’t giving other area users any unwanted attention.

If you are not sure, we recommend you keep your dog(s) on a leash at all times. This will always apply in high traffic pedestrian areas like the City Centre, playgrounds, ports ovals while games are on and anywhere else where there are high volumes of people.

Check for signage in the area. Signs will be installed in areas where dogs are permitted off-leash or dogs are prohibited. No signs means the dog(s) must be on-leash.

Dog attacks are serious incidents and effective control is the best way to ensure you are never required to defend yourself and your pet. Training is available for your dog and can help them to socialise well with others and assist if your pet is a little reactive. If you’re not sure we recommend keeping your dog on a leash and help to keep everyone safe.

To find the current dog exercise areas near you please visit the map below.