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Caravan Parks and Caravan Grounds

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The City’s Environmental Health Officers conduct regular assessments of licensed caravan parks and camping grounds to ensure that compliance is maintained with the Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds Act and Regulations.

Caravan parks and camping grounds are required to be licensed annually.

Applications for a new caravan park or camping ground, including temporary facilities, should be submitted to the Environmental Health team for assessment and approval.

Certain structures in caravan parks such as park homes, rigid annexes and tropical roofs require approval by the City’s Environmental Health Services before they are constructed or brought on site.

Prior to seeking City approval, please discuss your proposal with the caravan park manager/owner as your application will need to include a letter of support from them. A planning and/or building application may also be needed to be submitted.

Please contact the City’s Environmental Health team on 9792 7000 for further information.