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City of Bunbury


Each year burning is not permitted from 11 December to 24 March inclusive.

A Burning Permit must be obtained for the burning of any materials (including garden refuse) from 1 November to 10 December inclusive and from 25 March to 5 May inclusive.

Permits are automatically cancelled on days of high and extreme fire danger as no burning of any type is permitted, not even in incinerators.

Permits to burn must be obtained from the City of Bunbury and all conditions imposed by the Council’s Fire Control Officers and Authorised Persons must be followed. Conditions may include:

  • Three adults present at the fire at all times
  • Neighbouring property owners and occupiers notified at least four days before burning or on the day if agreed
  • Running water or a fire unit with water pump and at least 500 litres of water at the fire at all times
  • Specific time of the burn
  • Certain wind conditions and direction for fire and smoke management

Permits to burn will not be issued, or permitted at any time, in residential areas or on land less that 2024 squared metres, due to the increased hazard the activity presents.

Persons burning without a permit or approval may receive an on the spot fine or be liable for fines up to $2,000 plus costs and/or imprisonment. In the case of a running or escaping fire, the responsible person may be liable to prosecution or civil action and may be required to pay damages and the cost of firefighting, even if a permit or approval has been obtained.

Internal fireplaces do not require a permit during the restricted period.

Please complete the application form below.

Permit to Burn Application

Applicant Details

It is a requirement that this section is completed in full by the owner of the property.

Permit Holder Details

If the permit is to be issued in a name different from the applicant, please complete the details below. If the applicant and permit holder are the same write as above.

Property Information

Total area of land in metres squared

Cubic metres squared

Minimum three people


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