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Looking for items not in our collection?

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Published 07 September 2023, updated 14 September 2023

Are you looking for items not in our collection?

Have you tried one of the following options?

  • ​The item may be found in one of the libraries within our hub.
  • If not, we will assist you in accessing the item from our eLibrary as an eBook or an eAudiobook. Visit our eLibrary page for more information.
  • If we are unable to provide the item for you in either of these ways, perhaps the item can be found in one of the other libraries in the One Library Consortia.
  • If the above mentioned options are unavailable, it may be possible for us to purchase the item.
  • If the item cannot be found locally, we may be able to arrange an Inter-Library Loan

What is a Hub?

One Library WA has been temporarily divided into two Hubs. Bunbury and Withers libraries will be joined by the following libraries:

  • Australind, Harvey, Binningup and Yarloop
  • Dardanup and Eaton
  • Capel, Dalyellup and Boyanup
  • Waroona

The Hubs have been created to maximise the accessibility of library materials in the South West in a cost-effective manner.

While we are working on an alternative delivery solution that is both effective and sustainable, items may take longer than usual to obtain.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.