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Where Can I Start My Business?

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Before you purchase a property or sign a lease, it is important to understand where you can operate your business. All properties have a ‘zone’. Examples of zones include residential, mixed-use commercial and light industry. To check a property's zoning, you can use the City’s mapping system at the bottom of this page. These zones indicate the type of ‘land uses’ that may be possible in an area. Examples of land uses include shop, hotel and restaurant/café.

The zoning table in Part 3 of the City of Bunbury Local Planning Scheme No. 8 can help you to understand whether the City can lawfully approve a particular land use on a certain zone.
Within the table, a range of land uses is detailed in the first left hand column. By cross-referencing this column with the zones, you can identify the permissibility level of each use class in each zone of the Scheme. Although a land use may be possible in a certain zone, you may still need to seek approval from the City of Bunbury. To determine where you can potentially operate your business, it is recommended that you talk to one of the City’s Duty Planners.