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Advocacy Priorities

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An aerial view of Koombana Bay facing towards Jetty Baths and Marlston Hill. Sun setting in the background over the back beach. Advocacy priorities..

The City of Bunbury has seven priority topics (advocacy priorities) it is advocating for on behalf of our community.

The seven advocacy priorities are used to help represent the views and concerns of our community to ensure our community’s voices are heard on matters that are important to them.

  • The City of Bunbury is advocating for the City to be a leader in sustainability and achieve corporate net zero emissions whilst supporting and encouraging the community to live in an environmentally sustainable way.

  • The City of Bunbury is advocating for the City to drive State and Federal policy discussion around the equitable funding and support for regional infrastructure as well as working collaboratively with surrounding Bunbury-Geographe councils to solve the funding inequities in the region.

  • The City of Bunbury is advocating for State government commitment of capital to fund tourism and signage infrastructure with the goal of building awareness of Bunbury as a preferred visitation destination for those using the completed Bunbury Outer Ring Road.

  • The City of Bunbury is advocating for land to be more readily available for significant users, leading to stronger economic growth and opportunity across the City.

  • The City of Bunbury is advocating for State and Federal government to commit direct investment into affordable housing options within the City of Bunbury, including where State Government funded projects impact on housing availability in Bunbury.

  • The City of Bunbury is advocating for further diversification of Bunbury’s economic base thus providing access to infrastructure, technology, training, education and research.

  • The City of Bunbury is advocating for the City to seek that the Bunbury Harvey Regional Council Stanley Road Waste Management Facility is incorporated into the State’s Waste Infrastructure Strategy as a key regional solution for the South West, and that funding is provided by the State Government for this outcome.

  • The City advocates every day on behalf of our community, however these priorities further help our efforts particularly when interacting with stakeholders like State and Federal government.

    The seven priorities were developed after listening to our community’s feedback and identifying opportunities within our Corporate Business and Strategic Community plans.