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Published 28 September 2023

Spring is in full swing in Bunbury, and there's no better time to explore the vibrant beauty of the region's wildflowers. Bunbury and its surrounding areas are a floral paradise during this season, with an abundance of colorful blooms in easy to access locations. Find out the best places to find these wildflowers and introduce you to some other fantastic spring activities to enjoy in Bunbury.

Wildflower Wonders: Where to Find Them

Bunbury is blessed with a diverse range of wildflowers, and you don't have to travel far to witness their splendour. Here are some excellent spots to explore:

Big Swamp Wetlands: Located right in Bunbury, Big Swamp boasts a network of boardwalks and trails that wind through lush wetlands adorned with wildflowers. Keep an eye out for colorful orchids, banksias, and native shrubs. Don’t forget to look out for local wildlife too! Big Swamp is home to an array of birdlife and you may be lucky enough to spot a snake-necked turtle. A dual-use path circumnavigates the entire wetlands and parking is available across the road.

Manea Park: Located off Sommerville Drive this is a popular spot for avid wildlife enthusiasts with a 2.2km limestone path looping the entire area. Manea Park is home to more than 30 species of orchids including White Spider, Donkey, Blue Enamel, Jug and Cowslip orchids. This hidden gem is Bunbury’s premier bush reserve and home to various wildlife including the forest red-tailed black cockatoo, possums and kangaroos. Parking is limited.

Tuart Walk: Make your way to the very end of Ocean Drive and you will arrive at this location which leads into the neighbouring community of Dalyellup. This area is home to beautiful Tuart trees, and you may spot the odd wildflower – pink fairy orchids, false boronia and buttercup bush to name a few – in bloom. The path is accessible and smooth.

The Maidens: There are several entry points to this popular and undulating hiking trail along Ocean Drive. Make sure you bring a bottle of water as well as a camera to capture the amazing ocean views you will be privy to along here. You will bear witness to Tuart trees and native orchids. A word of warning Tiger snakes also enjoy the Maidens during the warmer weather so watch where you are stepping. The trail is crushed limestone and can be steep in some sections.

Mangrove Walk: Did you know Bunbury is home to the southern-most occurrence of white mangroves and what a sight to behold! Located at the Leschenault Inlet the Mangrove Walk is easy to access with plenty of parking close by. If you are feeling active and adventurous complete the 5km loop around the entire inlet.

While wildflowers are a highlight of Bunbury in spring, there's much more to see and do in our great outdoors:

Dolphin Discovery Centre: Spring is an excellent time to spot playful dolphins in Koombana Bay. Take a dolphin eco-cruise or simply enjoy the sight of these friendly creatures from the shore.

Koombana Bay: Embrace the warmer weather and spend a day at Koombana Bay. Whether you're swimming, sunbathing, or building sandcastles, it's a perfect spot for beach lovers. Don’t forget to check out the new café and treat yourself to breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Back Beach: Soak up the sun responsibly and make your way to Bunbury’ most popular beach. Being so vast you won’t be bothered by hoard of beachgoers if you prefer to the serenity of your own company.

Paddleboarding: this activity has really taken off in Bunbury with paddleboarders enjoying the calm waters of Jetty Baths and Koombana Bay.

Trails and hikes: Bunbury offers numerous walking and hiking trails. From the coastal views of the Bunbury Lighthouse trail along Ocean Drive to Leschenault Inlet or the Maidens – there's a trail for every adventurer.

Birdwatching: Spring also brings an influx of birdlife to the region. Grab your binoculars and visit Bunbury’s local wetlands – Big Swamp and Leschenault Inlet – for a chance to spot diverse bird species.

Don't forget your camera!

Whether you're capturing the vibrant wildflowers, the playful dolphins, or the stunning coastal vistas, don't forget your camera. Spring in Bunbury is a photographer's dream, with opportunities for breathtaking shots at every turn.

As you explore the wildflower wonders and partake in these spring activities, remember to respect the environment and follow any conservation guidelines in place. Please do not pick the wildflowers.

So, pack your walking shoes, bring your camera, and get ready to experience the natural beauty and springtime delights that Bunbury has to offer. It's a season of renewal, and there's no better place to embrace it than in this picturesque coastal city.

Enjoy your spring adventures in Bunbury!

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