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Joanne Hill


Marrak in Noongar means ‘hands on’ and it was one of the values that Joanne Hill wanted to build her Bunbury business around.

And anyone who knows Joanne will know she instils that hands-on attitude in every aspect of her own life – whether it be family, work, sport or within the wider community.

It makes the mother-of-three, business owner and renowned sports star the perfect example of living a balanced lifestyle.

"The word balance to me is being able to look at what you want to achieve and how you’re going to achieve it," Joanne says.

"So, I can have a really great business and I can also raise my three beautiful girls here in Bunbury.

Joanne is a local Noongar and Ngadju woman having grown up in Bunbury before successfully starting her own business, alongside her brother Darren, in 2018.Through Marrak Holdings, Joanne selflessly wanted to create opportunities for others and ultimately contribute to building a stronger community.

"We really wanted to create something that we can provide opportunities for our local community and family members, " Joanne says.

"You create a culture of study and employment opportunity, it kind of snowballs and that’s what we’ve been able to see and demonstrate within our own family."

"What that creates is a community of people that become stronger."

Joanne credits Bunbury for allowing her to live the balanced lifestyle she has obviously worked hard to create for her and her family.

There’s a sense of security growing up in Bunbury and being in Bunbury where we’ve got about a hundred sets of eyes, they’re able to look over my children as they’re growing up and participating in whatever forum within the community.

Having that flexibility and that safety around you is really important.

"I can have a really great business and I can also raise my three beautiful girls here in Bunbury," Joanne says.

"If you’re feeling happy and you’re feeling safe, you’re feeling secure, why would you go anywhere else?"