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Foodey Collective


People live a more balanced life in Bunbury – just ask Foodey Collective owners and best friends Michelle Verwijmeren and Terri Thomson.

The duo who live and work in Bunbury created the City’s first and only local meal kit company from a desire to have more time for the things that matter most to them like family.

The idea was born while the mothers were chatting at their children’s weekly soccer match both voicing their frustrations about too much of their free time being spent at the supermarket or in the kitchen cooking.

A story they found many could relate to.

Terri suggested they start their own meal kit company – the Foodey Collective.

The women see the boxes as more than just food – they empower their loyal customers to live a more balanced lifestyle – made all the more easier due to being in Bunbury.

Living in Bunbury allows for a work-life balance unlike any other town or City.

With the majority of residents living close to their place of work it gives them more time to indulge in their passions or spend quality time with those they love.

People who are able to maintain a healthy work-life balance are more fulfilled and experience a sense of contentment.

Imagine being able to walk out the door after work and be at the beach within 10 minutes without the hassle of being stuck in traffic.

Or pick up the kids from school and head straight to the local playground.

Having the opportunity to switch off from work and immerse yourself in the arts and culture scene or meet up with friends for a night out on the town.

In Bunbury it’s so easy to achieve this all-important balance and Michelle said they felt privileged to help others achieve this.

"They (customers) walk out with a box of nutritious food but it also gives them back some life so they can go out and enjoy the surrounds of Bunbury," Michelle said.

"The biggest success for us is when people come back and go ‘you’ve actually changed my life’.

"It has done a lot more than be just food in a box for us."

Michelle and Terri credit living in Bunbury for allowing their idea to flourish noting how much opportunity there is for people here.

"Bunbury is such a diverse community where people are willing to get behind people having a go," Michelle said.

"If people are willing to get out there and support each other – Bunbury is great."