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There’s been something brewing in Bunbury.

Something that has weaved its way onto the shelves of Bunbury’s most popular bars and restaurants.

Something that has created a space for uber trendy events that combine delicious tastings with cool experiences like yoga and art.

Something that is self-proclaimed as "slightly different" and fittingly so.

Cuprum Distillery is something we didn’t know Bunbury needed, but thank god the creative trio behind it did.

Rory Binnie has perhaps become the face of Cuprum, but the distillery’s creation was a masterful team effort appropriately discussed at the pub between Rory, his father Stewart and good friend Mike Honeybell.

Those conversations at the pub have evolved into a shed on the outskirts of Bunbury being transformed into a craft distillery, fit out using recycled steel and eye-catching copper in which the boys create small batch spirits with a focus on using the region’s Indigenous botanicals.

Cuprum oozes of old school whiskey bar vibes, while the products coming out of the craft distillery are turning heads and winning awards.

Its success and popularity among the Bunbury community (and beyond) is perhaps born out of a humble goal to make the distillery’s hometown proud.

"We want Bunbury to be proud of our product – we’ve had a lot of help from the community," Rory says.

It’s that sense of community and having an idea that Bunbury is ready for, that Rory credits some success to.

"Bunbury’s different. We don’t follow the herd and we’re sort of independent thinkers," he said.

Good ideas are encouraged to flourish in Bunbury – if you really put your foot down and be passionate about what you want to do, it can go a long way.

Cuprum’s creative minds are among a new wave of entrepreneurs proving you can give any idea a "red-hot crack" in Bunbury.

"We’re the sort of people that we’ve never laid a brick in our life, but we’ll be YouTubing in the morning how to lay a brick and then we’ll come in the afternoon and lay a brick," Rory said.

"That attitude, I think, goes a long way in this town."

Cuprum Distillery is located at 105 Forrest Avenue.