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Andrew Frazer


Andrew Frazer has travelled the world, leaving his creative mark through his frayed paint brush and striking talent wherever he goes.

But it is Bunbury that keeps him grounded.

It is where he grew up and where he ultimately wanted to channel his inspiration.

Bunbury is authentic, brimming with possibilities and a place where creativity thrives.

The name Andrew Frazer is synonymous with Bunbury’s burgeoning street art scene.

The talented artist is the founder and creative director of Six Two Three Zero – a Bunbury based initiative using street art as a catalyst for urban development and social change.

His ReDiscover Bunbury street art festival – featuring more than 30 large scale murals across the CBD from local, national and international artists – has been a popular addition to the City’s booming events calendar.

Andrew describes the festival as "an outdoor gallery that doesn’t close" and says Bunbury has access to world-class art, which continues to gain momentum.

The inspiration for ReDiscover came about through living overseas, wanting to bring back inspiration to Bunbury … and wanting to contribute back to the community.

I’m really passionate about being a part of the community, being bedded in it and allowing creativity to flourish out of that conviction.

A decade after his first solo exhibition in Perth, Andrew’s impressive arts resume continues to grow including commercially and privately commissioned murals both locally, nationally and internationally.

Andrew’s passion for storytelling through art shines bright in his unique style of whimsical characters, hand lettering, design and illustration with many of his artworks drawing on inspiration from the landscape surrounding his canvases.

The self-confessed creative, visual artist and illustrator said Bunbury was embracing of creativity and that the strength of relationships between people allowed things to happen.

There’s this real sort of honest, risk-taking type of creative flavour where people are willing to put themselves out there.

From sponsorships, from volunteers, from just people coming out of the woodworks and saying: ‘Man, we want to be a part of something bigger than who we are.’