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Bunbury Brighter launches new ambassadors

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Bunbury Brighter launched in January 2021 with the aim of promoting Bunbury’s livability and to empower locals to champion Bunbury for further growth.

Using storytelling and Bunbury locals (ambassadors) to deliver the message that Bunbury is the brighter choice to live, work and play.

Since the initial campaign we have profiled 17 awesome ambassadors – all with their own unique and inspiring story to tell. All with the one commonality – their unwavering passion for Bunbury.

From local events maven Jo O’dea and volunteer extraordinaire Shamara Williams to other inspiring women like Michelle Verwijmeren and Terri Thomson of Foodey Collective and entrepreneur Joanne Hill who have all carved a life for themselves and their families in Bunbury.

As well as people like Jake Kerr, Troy Bennell, Rory Binnie and Pete Firth who have forged their careers and creativity in the town they now call home.

The campaign which relied heavily on this storytelling included video, still imagery, blogs and marketing collateral with the now iconic Bunbury Brighter branding. It was then published and promoted across the City’s social media channels – Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and its own fit-for purpose Bunbury Brighter website.

Collectively the campaign’s YouTube channel has had more than 60,000 views while on Instagram our community grows daily with Bunbury Brighter ambassadors close to viral status.

The Bunbury Brighter website – a one-stop location for all ambassador content plus news and blogs – has amassed more than 50,000 views while video viewings on Facebook are in the tens of thousands.

The 2024 iteration of Bunbury Brighter continues with the tradition of telling our community’s stories while instilling pride in our town and reminding us that anything is possible.

We will introduce you to the owners of the iconic Mangles Corner Store – Pauline and Frank Fiore who have raised their family and been at the helm of several businesses for many years.

Glenn Fitzgerald owner and operator of not one but three Bunbury institutions – Fitzgerald’s, The Pavilion and the 62thirty Café.

As well as architect and historical buff Kent Lyon and Axel Grossman who relocated to Bunbury with his young family after travelling the globe.

As part of the Bunbury Brighter campaign, we will shine a spotlight on these ambassadors – individuals who embody the spirit of creativity, innovation, and community. Each profile showcasing the diverse talents and passions that make Bunbury brighter.

Bunbury Brighter 2024 will go live next week  – watch this space!

If you know someone who embodies the Bunbury Brighter spirit, please reach out to us at

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