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IOTA24 – Jillian Green | The Upholstered Donkey

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In 2024 the 2nd Indian Ocean Craft Triennial investigates the multi-various languages codified in contemporary craft. Visit the major international exhibition at six galleries, conference, and over 70 more exhibitions and events across Western Australia.

A relationship with donkeys is not unlike a relationship with one’s own art practice, in that it’s an endlessly interesting negotiation with an independent and mysterious 'other', at times delightfully cooperative, at times frustratingly opaque and unruly.

This exhibition features visual woven tapestries interlaced with found objects, this installation draws inspiration from two miniature donkeys, Joe and Frank.

Jillian Green's art practice has become entwined with her relationship with two young donkeys. Jillian dreams of one or the other literally every night, down to the subconscious level firmly being yoked to both. Like all Equines their visual perception is dominated by contrast, light and dark, and therefore shape.

In The Upholstered Donkey Jillian depicts shapes associated with the boys and their environment. Weaving with wool came to her after a couple of particularly long wet winters. Given donkeys do not have protective oils in their skin, the need to protect from the weather became a concern, shapes of shelter, rugs and coats entered their arena. This occasionally figurative language of soft geometry continues to evolve.

Jillian Frances Green

Jillian Frances Green, a Western Australian artist residing in the Great Southern since 2007, has a distinguished background in visual arts. A former Special Art student at Applecross High School, she earned her degree from Edith Cowan University in 2001. Green’s work has been exhibited at Turner Galleries (formerly The Church Gallery) and showcased at The Melbourne International Art Fair in 2006 and 2008. Notable commissions include projects for St. John of God Hospital, Saint Hilda’s Girl’s School, and a 9 by 9 metre mosaic for The Fremantle Mausoleum, crafted in Italy. Her art is featured in 18 public collections and numerous private ones. Green’s practice continually evolves, reflecting an intrinsic connection to her art. @kentriverstudio