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Bunbury Regional Art Gallery



Great art collectors are like master horticulturists, and a good art collection like a well-manicured garden. What appears to the flâneur to be an effortless gathering of beauty made for their leisurely day, is in truth the result of years of deep dedication to the eccentricities of life, and to the cultivation of fertile ground by its tireless custodians. And like a good garden, a good art collection also produces the seeds that will bring forth new blossoms to admire in the future: generations of artists to come, born of the same soil, and inspired by the works of the masters that came before them. As an immediate form of caregiving to the artists it supports, the result of such collecting is often a project of epic scale with lasting and intergenerational effects, carrying with it the cultural consequences of revolutionising, and sometimes revitalising, the larger community. I would argue that the Horn collection is of such a quality - Michael Bianco, BRAG Director.

Since 1972, the Horns have been cultivating one of the most significant collections in Western Australia. While the quality of the work in the collection is outstanding, the collection is particularly notable for its focus: West Australian art.

Artists include:

Kelsey Ashe / Philip Berry / Tom Gibbons / Akio Makigawa / Paul Moncrieff / Miriam Stannage / Jon Tarry / Valerie Tring / Trevor Vickers