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A Colourful Life | Robyn Bischoff

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Robyn Bischoff has lived her life in full colour, with creative expression enabling her to navigate a lifetime of exploration, intuitiveness, and self-discovery.  Now as she finds her sight failing her, this survey of work from 1960-2022 offers the opportunity to take stock, to rediscover the journey in its entirety, and to share with us her adventurous life of self-discovery.

A delight in colour, line, space and texture is a common thread in her delicate, playful works, along with a deep love and concern for the environment. Robyn evokes the ancients, the solve et coagula of the alchemists, her paintings symbolically dissolve and recombine, transmitting their own consciousness to a higher state.

Robyn hopes that her works inspire others to connect with their own creativity by releasing self-doubt, allowing vulnerability and daring to trust, revealing the inner wisdom of self and the world. The opportunity to reflect on lifetime’s worth of work will be meaningful for Bischoff and consolidate her career as an artist. 


Practicing for 60 years, local South West artist, Robyn Bischoff can only be described as an artist of breath-taking skill and a passion to match. Bischoff’s work is grounded in her desire to engage with her community and express herself creatively.

She has exhibited in Europe, the United Kingdom and across Australia for four decades.  Her unique blending of intuition, and mastery and relationship with colour, results in works that literally reverberate on the canvas, bringing together a brilliance and beauty that have unending visual appeal, and at the same time evocative of the spiritual and the sublime.

As a published author of Moving Pictures = To Whom it May Concern (1991) and Emanations of the Unconditional Love – Highlights for Your Wellbeing (1997) Robyn has been on a spiritual “adventure” for as long as she can remember.

Connected to the DZAR (pronounced ZAR) since her first meeting with them in Western Australia in 2007, Robyn welcomed an invitation to produce the artwork for a book which is now used to communicate their teachings. DZAR teaches that there are no coincidences, and “chance” connection are a gift to all of us from which we can now all benefit and learn from the extraordinary combination of DZAR’s wisdom and these exquisite images.

 Want more? Join Robyn as she guides participants through the creative process to freely express the individual experience in her upcoming workshop, Free Expression held on Saturday 28 January.