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Bunbury Regional Art Gallery


The Team

Staff Profiles

Dr. Michael Bianco

Director, BRAG

Background: Bringing a wealth of qualifications and expertise to the role, Dr. Micheal Bianco’s academic journey includes a Ph.D. earned from The University of Western Australia, an MFA in Art & Design achieved at the University of Michigan, and an MA in Curatorial Practice from the California College of the Arts. With nearly two decades of international arts industry experience, Dr. Bianco’s achievements have solidified his reputation as a strong leader in the arts.

Expertise: In his capacity as Director, Dr. Bianco applies his academic research skills, industry experience, and artistic talents to guide the vision and direction of the gallery. His expertise extends to governance, resource management, risk mitigation and sustainability, all of which contribute significantly to the gallery’s success. Dr. Bianco’s leadership ensures that the gallery remains a socially, economically and environmentally responsive institution.

Vision: Dr. Bianco is steadfastly dedicated to shaping BRAG as a vibrant hub for artistic expression and community engagement. His vision is centered in creating spaces that encourage creativity, critical thinking and curiosity among visitors and artists alike. Under his guidance, the gallery thrives as a dynamic center for artistic exploration. Dr. Bianco’s efforts have elevated BRAG to a prominent position among Australia’s major regional art institutions, solidifying its reputation and impact on the arts landscape.

Anna Edmundson

Gallery Operations & Administration Officer

Background: Hailing from Berlin, Anna is deeply passionate about arts and culture, a fascination cultivated since her youth, notably through her immersion in ballet. This early influence nurtured her artistic sensibilities and instilled a profound appreciation for creativity and expression. Anna’s journey led her to Australia, where her love for the arts drove her to embrace a career in the thriving cultural sphere of Bunbury.

Expertise: As the Operations & Administration Officer at BRAG, Anna wears many hats, from organising exhibitions to managing logistics and ensuring daily gallery operations run smoothly.

Vision: Anna’s commitment lies in bridging the gap between art and the community. With her astute coordination skills, she is a driving force behind the gallery’s success, relentlessly striving to create an inclusive, enriching space that celebrates the transformative power of artistic expression at BRAG.

Karen Morgan

Noongar Arts Officer

Background: With a rich artistic career spanning over 30 years, Karen hails from the Kimberley Region. She’s an experienced Creative and Cultural Industries Lecturer from North West Regional TAFE, with extensive work in local and remote Aboriginal communities. In the South West, her involvement in the arts extends to Health, Education, and Community Development. Karen also maintains her own art practice in Ceramics, Painting, and Drawing, supported by her qualifications.

Expertise: Karen’s role is dedicated to nurturing the growth of the Noongar Arts Program (NAP) as a pillar of artistic excellence and cultural preservation. Karen’s approach revolves around building genuine connections and collaborations between artists and communities. Under her passionate leadership, NAP has grown in strength and direction, making a notable impact on the Arts Industry in Western Australia.

Vision: Karen envisions a vibrant and inclusive Western Australian Noongar Arts Industry deeply connected with its artists and communities. Through her dedication to nurturing the NAP as a pillar of artistic excellence and cultural preservation, she aims to ensure that the Noongar Arts Industry thrives as a platform for creative exploration, diverse voices, and community enrichment.

Dee Mosca

Gallery Officer

Background: Dee, a seasoned creative hailing from Bunbury, Western Australia, is a passionate advocate for both the arts and emerging technologies. Her career revolves around bridging the gap between art and technology, with a special focus on enhancing visitor experiences within art galleries. With nearly two decades of experience as a practicing artist, Dee possesses a unique skill set that encompasses arts management, retail, creative learning, and professional artistry.

Expertise: Dee serves as BRAG’s Gallery Officer, seamlessly blending her deep understanding of the creative process with her adept management of the logistical and administrative aspects of the art world. Her multifaceted role allows her to make significant contributions to the gallery’s operations and its mission to enrich the arts experience for patrons.

Vision: Dee is driven by a commitment to enhance patron experiences through innovative applications of technology within the arts. Her reputation as an innovative and forward-thinking arts professional stems from her dedication to merging art with technology, thereby increasing engagement and accessibility for diverse audiences. Dee’s unwavering passion for the arts, coupled with her strong community ties in Bunbury, positions her as an invaluable asset in the realms of arts administration and innovation.

Molly Werner

Arts & Culture Education & Communications Officer

Background: Molly Werner, an artist, theatre designer, and educator, possesses a diverse academic and artistic background. She graduated from The University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Design (Fine Art) and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours), focusing her honours project on Robert Smithson’s gallery installations from 1968-69. Additionally, Molly holds an Advanced Diploma of Live Performance and Management Services (Costume) from The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

Expertise: Molly’s artistic and design practice is marked by its responsiveness to materials and their inherent qualities. Her notable credits include contributions to productions like “Mother of Compost” (Blue Room Theatre, 2022), “Petrushka” (WA State Theatre Centre, 2022), “Mama Stitch” (Perth Festival, 2021), and “Embedded” (FLUX Gallery, 2020). In her belief in the arts’ community-building power, Molly actively collaborates with various communities in Bunbury to deliver public education programs at the gallery.

Vision: Molly’s vision centers on the transformative potential of the arts to foster community connections. Through her work as an artist, theatre designer, and educator, she seeks to not only create impactful artistic experiences but also actively engage with communities to expand access to and appreciation for the arts. Molly’s multidisciplinary approach and commitment to public education programs contribute to the gallery’s role as a dynamic hub for artistic exploration and community enrichment.

Simon Long

Gallery Exhibition Officer

Background: Simon Long’s artistic journey began in the ’80s when he converted an old school library into a rehearsal space for a punk rock band. After pursuing Fine Art studies, his artistic pursuits flourished, with notable performances around the gallery, including its 1988 First Birthday celebration.

Expertise: Starting as a Regional Attendant with the Town of Bunbury, Simon’s association with the gallery spans a significant period. Throughout his tenure, he’s witnessed numerous changes, worn various hats, and accumulated vast experience. Presently, as the Exhibitions Officer for the City of Bunbury, he continues to contribute significantly to the arts.

Vision: Simon’s enduring commitment to the arts has evolved over the years. His multifaceted role and wealth of experience make him an invaluable asset to Bunbury’s cultural landscape, ensuring its continued growth and success.